Lilies grow rapidly and emerge from dirt. Similarly, we strive to overcome obstacles that our clients encounter, and create something meaningful. Lily Pad is also homonymous to the Filipino word "Lilipad" which means soar. Likewise, we aim to share our talents to exponentially solve day-to-day challenges that our partner institutions face.  

Lily Pad Digital Solutions is a group of agile web developers, and curious strategists and storytellers based in Metro Manila, Philippines. We use our collective experience, design and technical expertise to create compelling outcomes that matter. We provide creative web solutions to modern-day problems.

47D Studio


47D Studio is comprised of individuals dedicated to create an inclusive and dynamic economic environment by providing effective digital solutions to everyday mundane challenges. Bound by their collective goal towards social equality and inclusion, 47D Studio provides quality digital services to socio-civic organizations, public institutions, and small-to-medium enterprises. The team aims to address social issues by bridging the gap between theory and practice through their technical and creative prowess.

Their experiences include, but is not limited to the following: Custom website design and development, Wordpress & Joomla web development, web applications development, email campaigns, Print and Graphics design, and publishing. The team is also proficient in using a variety of applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Dreamweaver and other graphic software.


Charles Buking Jr.Charles Buking Jr.

Charles Buking Jr.

Executive Director
Lionel BautistaLionel Bautista

Lionel Bautista

Technology Director
Jose Maria Rosalia Lapira

Jose Maria Rosalia Lapira

Business Development Consultant
Neil Patrick BalicudNeil Patrick Balicud

Neil Patrick Balicud

Information Systems Director
Jan Jacob DacanayJan Jacob Dacanay

Jan Jacob Dacanay

Legal and Compliance Director


Gruppo Haraya


Adversity brings out the best in people and reveals who your true friends are. This is how Gruppo Haraya began – with a seemingly insurmountable challenge that tested and stretched not only their talents but also their patience. It is through this that they have learned that they make an awesome team and that together, they can achieve anything. And what better way to test that idea than by creating their own company? So they did.

Gruppo Haraya came from the word “Haraya” which means imagination. They chose the name because they all are dreamers. They dream of a better life for themselves and their loved-ones. They dream of a better life for their people. They dream of a country that allows diversity, individuality, and equality is a norm rather than an exception. They make dreams a reality. They turn your imagination into reality. That’s what Gruppo Haraya is all about.


Micci Lopez

Micci Lopez

Digital Strategist
Jinky Tallod

Jinky Tallod

Digital Marketer
Andrei Carada

Andrei Carada



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