Earn up to 10% commission
for website and digital marketing referrals

We'd love you to partner with you!
Know a business or organization that needs professional help to elevate their digital presence?

How does it work?

How much could I earn?

Depending on the project or service that your referral will avail, you could earn either a one-time payment or a trailing commission.

Development Projects

Website, web application, or mobile application projects. Earn a one time payment - a percentage of the total net project cost as outlined below.

Net Project Cost Commission Rate (% of Net Project Cost)
Php 0 - Php 250,000
Php 251,000 - Php 750,000
Php 750,000+

Digital Marketing

Earn a monthly trailing commission as outlined below.

Net Project Cost Commission Rate (% of Net Project Cost)
Social Media Management
(monthly AD spend up to Php 100,000)
Php 2,500 per month
Social Media Management
(monthly AD spend over Php 100,000)
Php 5,000 per month


Is there an earnings cap on your referral program?

None. If you’re putting in the time and effort to refer business to us, you deserve the commission on that. 

How often are commissions paid out?

Commissions are paid out almost immediately. Once your referral has signed their contract and the first payment has been processed and received, we will reach out to you to: 

  1. Say Congratulations, and;
  2. Collect the required information to submit your commission.
Can I earn a commission for referring leads or potential clients?

At this point in time, no.
You will only earn your commission once the client you referred has signed up and paid for our services

Can I see some of your works?

Absolutely! You’re more than welcome to check out some of our works via this link.

Who can I refer?

We work mostly with SMEs, non-profit organizations, public and academic institutions. 
Our ideal clients value expertise, are coachable, provide excellent service, and are passionate about what they do.

Earn on the side while helping them out!

How do I refer your services?
  • All you have to do is send your referrals the link to our contact us page: https://lilypaddigital.co/contact 
  • You can also ask them to email us directly at hello@lilypaddigital.co

Please make it clear to your referral to mention your name when they will contact us. 

How do I let you know I referred someone?

Send us an email with the subject line: [YOUR NAME]: LILY PAD Referral.

Let us know the details of your referrals, such as: Name, Contact Number, Company Name, Email Address.
We will let you know whether your referral has successfully availed our services or not. 

Do you have an email script I can use?

Definitely. You can use this as is or modify to your taste. Don’t forget to CC hello@lilypaddigital.co on the email.


Hi [referral name],

Please meet Charles, co-founder of Lily Pad Digital Solutions Inc., a professional website design & marketing agency based in Baguio and Metro Manila.

Lily Pad focuses on building high end websites that look professional, are easy to use, work amazingly on mobile, and that deliver huge returns on investment.

I’m pretty confident Charles and his team can help you understand what services and strategy are needed to solve your specific company goals.

I’ll let you two take it from here.


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